mark and linda's vist

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I greeted mark at the door, Catlin had just been by and she met Mark and Linda

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linda picked me up

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Here I am guarding the door

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I checked out the car, then we went out in the back yard

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I'm going to give them a tour of the garden 

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They checked out how big the corn was

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hey humans, time to go inside the house...

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Growley met them inside

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She wasn't sure they were supposed to be there at first but I told her they were cool

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mmm, that feels good!

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hhmm, I think there's some catnip here...

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there seem to be some parts of the leaves that are missing...

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Mark's watching the Matrix so I'm keeping him from getting too scared.

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Growley's in the jungle.

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It's hard work taking care of the humans...I'm getting tired.